A candidate running for the club’s presidential seat,Victor Font, has come forth with his feelings about how the club went about during the last transfer window.He dispelled his disappointed feelings at the club’s leadership over Paris Saint Germain forward Neymar transfer ‘saga’.

“It’s been ridiculous.I don’t understand what’s been done, or how it’s been done, or why. I already explained in the summer that Neymar’s time at the club was a bygone era, and that his return could help the chances of winning in the short term”, he said.

“It’s another example of the lack of project currently at the club. We were willing to offer Dembele and I don’t know how many more.It’s been ridiculous at an institutional level. Every time that I can ask the club for transparency, I will. What is the real level of the club’s debt? How much do we owe and to whom? Players have been given wage rises that will still be in place when this board is gone and let’s not talk about the Espai Barca [future Camp Nou], which is where it is because there are no resources”,he continued.

He then concluded on the note that, “To make the team stronger with Neymar, mortgaging the future…it does not make sense and I haven’t even discussed the most important part of how he even left the club in 2017 by suing the club”.


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