The Kumasi Zoological Gardens which used to be the arch national zoo, which recorded over 90,000 visitors annually, serving as a high revenue generator has sprung out reviving itself once again. Kumasi Zoo located at the very centre of the Kumasi Metropolitan in the Ashanti region

Established in the year 1957 which occupies 11,000 hectares equivalent to 26 acres, the zoo was a way to help preserve wildlife heritage in the country. The zoo was initially managed by the Kumasi Municipal Council and transferred to the Forestry Service in October 1963 then was handed over to the Gam and Wildlife Department and currently under the supervision of the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission.

Having a total of 162 individual animals and 46 different species made up of several animals such as cats, reptiles, ungulates, rodents, primates, hundreds of bats which are not originally part of the zoo are protected by the facility.

As one of the major tourist attraction in the region, the facility has recorded its lowest record of revenue generation in the last four years due to the blockage of the Kejetia roads due to the construction of the market.
The Resident Veterinary and Manager of the Kumasi Zoological Garden(KZG), Dr Meyir Ziekar noted that even though 80% of the visitors are mostly Ghanaians, the most intriguing part to him was that the 80% are mostly school children. On that note, he concluded that, it was a very good sign because he believed that the young ones would be the ones to lead in the preservation and conservation of wildlife, ensuring that wildlife is protected.

Facing very few challenges, he noted that, the zoo currently faces flooding each time it rains, which posed as a threat to the wildlife in the zoo and that the zoo needs to be attended to. Also, he observed that, bringing in exotic species of wildlife might help increase the rate of patronage.

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